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Art Design

Architectural design
The mother of Arts has a major input in enhancing people's lives.
From different cultures we are with integrated thinking, we work using latest technologies and international standards.

Urban design / Master planning
Our team built several mixed-use developments in Dubai and also worked on several projects in UAE and KSA.

Renovation / Beautification / Facades Design
We develop existing Designs & Built Projects not only to change how it look like, But mainly to lift the business opportunity behind.

Engineering Design

Structural design
We design economic structure with safety & Future considerations.
The suitability of the Structural schismatic system for each project means considering safety, flexibility, durability, value engineering, how it work with other design disciplines, time limitations, and the client's needs.


Repair structural design for Additional Floors /Loads
We develop our & others designs to carry more.
We got a strong portfolio of Structural Challenges.


Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) design
True engineering behind building construction is MEP design With Minimum maintenance.

Infrastructure design
Durable & efficient underground services with minimum maintenance.

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