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Feasibility Studies / Usage Change

We know the best-fit areas and how smoothly economically they should be arranged. We Study when & how it should be done. If it complies with the standards or it requires achievable exceptions or it will require trials. And all to be made clear to our clients. Business Opportunities are being studied as a full package along with cost, time, current market, location, History & Economy forecasting. Analyses & result reports shall guide the owner to the highest return possible decision.

Design Review

We review & develop projects as per Dubai Rules & best match with the local market. We have a huge reference portfolio of existing clients & durable beneficial projects.

Value engineering includes all disciplines

People think that value engineering is only in structure design cost saving. We think integral updated with all market alternatives. Starting from the Soil investigation report until the minimum maintenance concept we plan the life cycle and do our interesting exercise. We got a strong portfolio of Huge cost savings on all our projects, and we never stop developing & research.

Contract Documents including Specifications

We know every line and word meaning & how to do it when we speak Construction Documentation. Tailoring Details, and Specifications within Anti-Variations Documentation is our product.

Tendering including Analysis, Strict Negotiations & Award

Analyses, negotiations, Reanalysis & result reports shall guide the owner to the best possible decision. Transparent Policy and commitment to our clients with a fair balance is our way to success.

Cost Consultancy & Quantity Surveying

Anti-Variations Documentation is our product.

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